Online UK Casinos

Online UK Casinos are commonly known for their special and profitable sports betting systems that you can find in an online casino in UK. They have very good reputations in other countries. Once a casino has earned a good reputation, they try to stick to their principles and qualities and make sure that their online units are satisfactory. (more…)

Casino Games Showcase

Grosvenor Casinos will soon be hosting another casino games showcase at the Grosvenor G Casino Coventry, an event which is designed to show customers and employees the very latest in table gaming technology that the industry has to offer. Taking place on the 16th of May, this will be a fantastic event as part of the bi-annual showcase that they have been running since 2011. (more…)

Pippa’s Casino Nights

Although it might be Kate Middleton who is married to Prince William and carrying his child at the moment, it is her younger sister Pippa who has a penchant for stealing headlines – just think of the royal wedding, when the papers focused on Pippa’s derriere instead of her sister’s dress. Now there is another reason to talk about her, as Pippa’s casino nights might just turn out to be the next big thing with that kind of seal of approval on them! (more…)

William Hill Online

A deal was announced yesterday which will see William Hill Plc paying £424 million to Playtech Ltd in order to acquire the twenty nine per cent stake that the latter holds in William Hill Online, which was once a joint venture between the two companies. The site was formed in December 2008 when Playtech made an investment into the company to help it launch, but is now ready to move forwards on its own, according to spokespeople. (more…)

Grosvenor Design Partnership

An interior specialist has just announced a Grosvenor design partnership which is sure to mean great things for the casino brand, in both the thirty five UK casino premises that they run and the online casino sites which they are known for. The company, 20.20, have said that they are going to be creating a concept that will help the brand deliver a destination ‘that is adapted to their needs on both a social and gaming level’, based on what customers really want. (more…)

Reading Casino Students

A batch of twenty Reading casino students are set to start work in the newest branch of Grosvenor Casinos to open in the city, after the previously unemployed people were trained up by staff at the local college in order to prepare them for a job which will give them a steady income and a career ladder to climb, thanks to a joint venture between the Reading College and Jobcentre Plus. (more…)

Live PokerStars Room

This week it was announced that a new live PokerStars room is set to open at the Hippodrome Casino in London, with a launch date set for the 4th of March this year. This exciting new venture will see the biggest name in online poker providing a set up which mimics their wining style but brings it to a real casino, in a dedicated poker room which will be hosted by both companies jointly as it stands now. (more…)

Honest Casino Owner

The case currently going on in Moscow has brought to our attention what must be the most honest casino owner in the world – particularly since the casino that he used to own was an illegal one. Russian man Ivan Nazarov was arrested for bribery, fraud, and running an illegal business, and was set free last October by a judge – but he still proclaims his guilt, and is waiting for another chance to make his testimony stick so that he can go to jail. (more…)

Casino Construction Begins

This week marks the day that casino construction begins on the latest UK venue, based at the NEC complex in Birmingham. The project, which was announced recently, will cost £150 million to complete, with a new seven storey Resorts World complex growing in the home of the biggest entertainment complex in the area to make it an even bigger attraction than ever before. (more…)

Poker Ace Banned

The judge called it a gamble that did not pay off, in the case of the poker ace banned from driving for four years after he was caught driving under the influence of drugs on the 28th of September 2011. Thirty three year old Paul Carr is known to be a poker player of some regard in Limerick, but he was high on cocaine when he was caught speeding by a Garda patrol car and subjected to standard drugs tests. (more…)

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